This page presents general ideas of my books, but unfortunately all of them are in Portuguese only.


No Mundo da Bateria

conceitos, ideias e composições

w/ Jayme Pladevall (2018)

This book is made of two parts: the first discusses the impact of new technologies for drummers and their practices; the second brings scores for drum duets and quartets.

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Caderno de Percussão Yamaha

w/ Edinei Lima (2014)

This book results from my participation in the "Sopro Novo" education program, organized by Yamaha in Brazil. That's the material used in our workshops, directed to beginners, with technique exercises and  basic scores for bass drum and snare drum.


Introdução à Tecnologia Musical


This book presents basic concepts that our students of the distance learning program at UFSCar had to know: how to deal with audio, video and music notation on-line.



Educação Musical a Distância: abordagens e experiências


This book is an adaptation of my Doctor's thesis (University of São Paulo, 2010). It presents various examples of distance education of music and details about my percussion teaching at UFSCar.


Tecnologias Digitais para Educação Musical (2010)

This book was prepared as study material for my students in the distance learning program at UFSCar. Although these contents have been thought about several years ago, they are still relevant, as there are few publications dealing with technology and music education in Portuguese.



Percussão (2009)

This book is the material for the very first experience with distance education at UFSCar.



Auto-aprendizagem Musical: alternativas tecnológicas (2003)

This book results from my Master's dissertation (University of São Paulo, 2002). It is a study about the use of technologies for music learning, with special focus on drum set learning. 


Música: Circunstâncias Naturais e Sociais (2019) ​

I wrote a chapter for this book with the tittle "Technologies in music education: the negative aspects" (p. 40-49).


Uso de Recursos Tecnológicos no Ensino Musical (2017)

I wrote the first chapter of this book, "The second phase of technological experience" (p. 23-36).


Educação Não Formal no Campo das Artes (2015)

I wrote a chapter for this book entittled "Technological means for non-formal music education" (p. 109-128).

Música e Educação. Série Diálogos com o Som (2015)

My chapter is entittled "Music education with distance learning technologies" (p. 157-169).

Música na Escola. Caminhos e possibilidades para a Educação Básica (2015)

As a result of a conference held at SESC in Rio de Janeiro, this is  "Music everywhere: electronic games, social media and education mediated by technologies" (p. 306-316).

Música e Ensino de Música (2015)

I co-wrote with Fabiano Lemos the chapter "Collective teaching of musical instruments in distance education: teachers and students perspectives within public universities" (p. 123-149).

Pedagogias Alternativas (2014)

The tittle of my chapter is "Distance education in music teaching" (p. 239-250).

Educação a Distância: o estado da arte (2008)

I wrote a chapter with the tittle "Distance education and music studies" (p. 282-288). In 2009, this book won 3rd prize of the prestigious Jabuti Award, within the "Education, Psychology and Psychoanalysis" category.

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