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Touring the US with Highland Echoes

I recently played 10 shows in the US, performing with the show Highland Echoes in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. I got the invitation to be part of this great project from Jennifer Licko, an American singer that currently lives in Brazil. More details in the website

Future work with Jayme Pladevall: PlaGohn

I started taking lessons with Jayme pladevall in 1983. After being his student and playing with him in the Casa de Marimbondo drumset quartet, we now move to a new phase in our partnership: we co-wrote "In the World of Drumming, a Brazilian Perspective", presenting discussions about the life of professional drummers in current times and scores for drumset duets and quartets. With the PlaGohn project, we'll have workshops to discuss the ideas of the book and play our compositions. Hope to see you somewhere along the road!

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